Sustainable swaps you can make this Earth Day at Fremlin Walk!

News — Sustainable swaps you can make this Earth Day at Fremlin Walk!


This Earth Day is the perfect time to reflect on our consumption habits and explore ways to make more sustainable choices. Fortunately, at Fremlin Walk, we’ve got plenty of stores with eco-friendly initiatives and product alternatives that make reducing waste and minimising your environmental footprint easier than ever.

Refillable and natural deodorants at Boots

Say goodbye to single-use plastic deodorant bottles with Wild, available at Boots in Fremlin Walk. These innovative deodorants come in durable aluminium and recycled plastic cases, and their refillable design means you can cut down on waste while enjoying natural, compostable, and vegan-friendly formulas. It’s a small swap, but it makes a pretty big difference for the planet!

Schuh’s ‘Sell Your Soles’ Recycling Scheme

Do you have old shoes cluttering your closet? Strut over to Schuh at Fremlin Walk and participate in their ‘Sell Your Soles’ recycling scheme. Whether your shoes are worn out, unwanted, or simply outgrown, Schuh will recycle them in partnership with Recyclatex. Plus, you’ll receive £5 off a new pair of shoes as a thank-you for your contribution. It’s a simple way to give your old shoes a new life!

The Fragrance Shop: Refillable Perfumes for Sustainable Scents

Love your signature scent? Now you can enjoy it guilt-free with refillable perfume bottles from The Fragrance Shop. Whether you’re a fan of Dior, Mugler, Armani, or Paco Rabanne, you can save money and reduce waste by opting for refillable bottles. It’s a win-win for both your wallet and the environment!

Refill at The Body Shop

Beauty lovers rejoice! The Body Shop is leading the charge in sustainability by offering a range of its products as refillable options. From shower gels to shampoo, you can now refill your favourite products, reducing the need for new packaging.

Shop second-hand at Demelza 

Want to refresh your wardrobe sustainably? Look no further than Demelza Charity Shop. Embrace the circular fashion movement by shopping secondhand and giving pre-loved clothing a new lease on life. By choosing secondhand, you’re reducing the demand for new clothing production. Don’t forget you’ll also be supporting a very worthy cause!

Reusable cups at Costa Coffee

Instead of reaching for a single-use plastic cup, opt for a reusable cup to enjoy your favourite brew on the go at Costa. By reducing single-use plastic consumption, you’re taking a small step towards a greener future with every sip.

Waterstones: Expand Your Environmental Knowledge

Want to educate yourself on environmental issues and sustainability? Visit Waterstones for an extensive collection of books covering a wide range of topics. Whether you’re interested in climate change, conservation, or eco-friendly living, there’s a book waiting for you.

HMV: Reusable Water Bottles

Stay hydrated throughout the day with a reusable water bottle from HM. With a variety of options featuring your favourite characters, you can quench your thirst in style and ditch those disposables!

Fremlin Walk Goes Green! 

We, at Fremlin Walk, are committed to sustainability too! Here’s how we’re making a difference:

  • Our beehives and insect houses provide a home for essential bees and insects.
  • We have a green roof that provides another habitat for wildlife.
  • We use chemical-free cleaning methods such as Aquasmart for a healthier environment.
  • Our sensor-activated LED lights minimise energy consumption.
  • We recycle plastic and even collect coffee grounds from cafes for reuse as fertiliser!

Let’s make small swaps that create a big impact for a greener future. Visit Fremlin Walk and explore the exciting world of sustainable shopping and living.

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