We’re supporting Mental Health Awareness Week!

Events — We’re supporting Mental Health Awareness Week!

13/05/2019 until 19/05/2019

This year’s Mental Health Awareness theme, as decided by the Mental Health Foundation, is how we think and feel about our bodies.

During the week, the foundation will be releasing new research detailing some of the reasons why our body image can impact the way that we feel. They will also be campaigning for change and publishing practical tools. Recent YMCA Research also reveals that 34% of teenage boys and 49% of teenage girls had been on a diet in an effort to change their body shape. An issue that was previously seen as one primarily affecting girls has now been shown to be a problem for both genders.

A growing preoccupation with body image is a recurring theme of the digital age. Some claim that the popularity of selfies and posting photos onto social media has created a generation obsessed with their looks.

With this in mind, we’re calling on you to help to set an example to the younger generation, demonstrating that it’s Ok2BU and post a picture without a filter. To do this, on Saturday 18th May, we’re bringing a photobooth into the centre, jump in, take your pics and most importantly have fun! Two pictures will print out, one you can take home and we ask that the other you stick to the photobooth. We want our photobooth covered in shots of local people having fun taking pictures without the filters #FremlinNoFilter

Join us between 12-4pm on Saturday 18th and help us promote this body confidence message! We hope to see you there.

In addition to our no filter photo booth, we will also have the following activity taking place throughout the week:

MMK MIND Workshops

MMK MIND is passionate about supporting people with mental health issues. They believe in recognising people as unique individuals and not as a diagnosis or a label. They aim to equip people with the tools they need to work towards positive wellbeing.

On Thursday 16th May, MMK MIND will be joining us at Fremlin Walk to offer guidance and support.

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