News — Fremlin Walk is Buzzing – Quite Literally!


Our plans to create an environmentally friendly green roof on top of Zara have been brought forward in response to two swarms of bees being found and rescued by local amateur beekeepers in Maidstone Town Centre.

We had planned to have a number of hives on our roof this summer, along with a garden of bee-friendly flowers as part of our Centre eco-initiative. Although earlier than anticipated, the two rescued swarms have been located safely on our rooftop and will stay there for the foreseeable.

One of the local beekeepers involved in the rescue and placement of the hives on the roof, Stephanie Kalaichakis, said, “Both hives are made up of a colony of female worker bees, who take on a number of different roles such as maintaining the hives and flying up to 3 miles to source food for male drone bees and the Queen bee.

“By the time these swarms have grown to their full size, each colony will have around 40,000 bees.

“A lot of people may not realise that we actually rely on bees and other insects to pollinate many of our fruit and vegetables, so they are essential to not only a healthy environment but also a healthy economy. Places that are good for pollinators, are good for people too.

“Having a home for the bees in Maidstone Town Centre is crucial, so we are extremely grateful to be partnering with Fremlin Walk. We can’t wait to revisit their rooftop once the flower garden is complete!”

Fremlin Walk Centre Manager, Lloyd Wright, said, “We already had plans to home a number of hives on our rooftop over-looking Brenchley Gardens this summer, so when we were asked if we could home two this week, it was an easy decision!

“Fremlin Walk is proud to be accredited to the PAS99 standard, which includes BSI 14001 Environmental Management System (the internationally recognised standard for environmental management); ensuring that our environmental impacts are managed effectively, reducing carbon emissions, introducing renewable energy sources, increasing recycling and minimising water usage to help minimize our environmental footprint.

“The aim is for Fremlin Walk to continue to become even more sustainable, and having a green rooftop with even more hives is our next goal over the coming months.”

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